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Shizuoka Japanese Sake Marche


Enjoy 27 Sake breweries' Japanese Sake in Shizuoka!!
~Homarefuj Special~
You can enjoy many Sake made from Shizuoka's special sake rice" Homarefuji".

Matsuzakaya Shizuoka North Build. 5 th floor
10:00~19:30(~17:00 on 21 st )

You can choose your favorite Sake.

①First, please buy "4 tickets with a Guinomi" (you can choose a large-sized cup or a glass for takeout) 1500yen(including tax).

②Please choose your favorite Sake. 
Depends on sake you choose, it changes number of tickets and amount of Sake.

③Additional 4 tickets 1000yen(including tax)