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Enjoy the seasonal vegetables that change every season with the Japanese soup stock curry.


Based on the soup curry that the chef learned at the authentic Sapporo famous shop Sapporo Cancum, he added special vegetables broth that boils out all parts pelt, roots, seeds and leaves of fresh vegetables. Please enjoy the deep flavor and the aroma of Soup curry. The specialist shop is the first shop in Shizuoka, you can choose soup from two kinds of original soup and rich tomato soup. The seasonal vegetable rich soup curry is the No.1 popular soup. The juicy chicken leg & vegetable soup curry is also popular with 1 chicken leg topping.

Asahi Building 2F, 8-15 Tenmacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
TEL 080-2616-0009
OPEN 11:30~17:00「L.O. 16:00」
irregular holidays (Japanese)