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Ginza Bar Kosamu

In Shizuoka's Taishuu(Public) Bar, you can easily get delicious fish and meat.


In Shimizu Ginza shopping street, there is the Ginza Kosamu Bar, has the large counter's Bar. You can get fresh cherry shrimp, it's so fresh that it can dance like live. The shopkeeper gets the fresh seafood and fish directly from Yui port fishermen with reasonable price. Besides, it is the only place here that uses luxurious pork(called Mangenton) for the delicious curry. It is famous in Shimizu as " Motsu Curry"(using pig's bowels and guts). And, Mikkabi Beef's stew is also famous. This " Motsu Curry"is the one of the proud menu of the Bar owner , which you can also enjoy it with reasonable price.




Shizuokacity Shimizuku MasagoBlock5-16

PHONE  054-366-6505

OPEN HOURS 11:30am~13:30pm、17pm~22:30pm

CLOSE  irregular holidays

ACCESS  From JR Shimizu station by walk 3mins (Japanese)