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Extreme chicken soup, luscious thick white soup, clear light soup, Please taste it!!

You can enjoy the ramen-soup at MINATO-YA MENZIN. There're two kinds of soups of ramen.The white soup that is luscious although plain and fulfilled with the good flavor of vegetables, and the light soup with Japanese-style that use ingredients such as local dried bonito, sea-tangle, Japanese flying fish, dried scallop and dried shrimp. Both are superior soups that the store owner proud of. [SHIOSUKE] is especially recommended ramen. It has a topping with dried seaweed imaging harbor town Shimizu. Please enjoy the combinations of soup, sauce, and roasted pork fillet.



7-19 Masagocho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi
TEL 054-366-9200
OPEN Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 11:30~14:00,17:30~23:30
Friday, Saturday, Day before holidays 17:30~3:00
CLOSE Tuesday
ACCESS 10 minutes' walk from Shimizu Station "NISHIGUCHI"(West Entrance) (Japanese)