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Shizuoka BBQ Terrace

If you want to enjoy Shizuoka's rich ingredients, BBQ must be the best !!



Shizuoka, blessed with the highest mountain Mt.Fuji, Suruga Bay, the deepest sea in Japan, is a treasure of a wide variety of ingredients is said to be 439 items , it is one of the leading (ingredient kingdoms} in Japan. In order to value these ingredients and to enhance the cost performance of ingredient cost, it's also self-service, so we recommend it in BBQ style. There isnt much place to do BBQ at the rooftop of building in town . Please enjoy Shizuoka with alcohol drinks and BBQ with your friends. You don't need to bring BBQ tools, please come empty handed.


The roof flor of Ajino-nakamise Building, 1-6-9 Ryogae-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
TEL 054-275-2290
OPEN 12:00〜15:30、18:00〜22:00 (need reservasions)
For one person...5000yen (Tax included)
For Children( Junior High school - 19 years old)...4000yen (Tax included)
For preschool children...Free 0Yen

*For 8 persons--need reservation 2 days before (Japanese)