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The rental bicycles at Shizuoka city


Fee: 500 yen per bike
List and map of the renting areas
Time: Depends on the renting location. Please check the list or ask to the office by phone.
How to rent: Go to the renting office directly. ID (passport, driving license etc.) is required.

• Time, numbers of bicycles available depends on the renting office.
• You will be required to fill in a form at the office.
• You are required to return the bicycles to the starting point. Please return them in time.
• The bicycle is made to fit people 137-139 cm or taller.

This is the logo "Keiki-san" for the rental place.
Kei-ki san is the nickname of the 15th Sho-gun of Tokugawa, Yoshinobu.

He had lived in Sunpu( Present Shizuoka city) since 20 years after he retired Shogun.
He had been enjoying his hobbies, not participating the politics while he was living in Sunpu.

It was shown in a newspaper that he was cycling around the town at that time.

It is said that General Keiki formed the connection between bicycles and Shizuoka city.