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Water/Time Difference/Voltage

● Water
Tap water is drinkable and monitored. Shizuoka's water is soft and suitable for cooking, coffee and of course Japanese green tea grown locally in Shizuoka. European hard water and all well known bottled mineral rich waters from overseas are available from convenience stores and supermarkets.

● Time Differnce
Japan does not observe daylight savings time in spring or fall and is on JST (Japanese Standard Time) which is +9 hours GMT.

Time Differnce
Sao Paulo -12 hrs
New York -14 hrs
Los Angeles -17 hrs
Sydeny +1 hrs
Seoul 0 hrs
Hong Kong -1 hrs
Beijing -1 hrs
Bangkok -2 hrs
Moscow -6 hrs
Paris -8 hrs
London -9 hrs

● Voltage
Voltage: 100V
Frequency: 60Hz
Plug shape: A