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Suruga Bay Ferry

Passing the prefectural highway 223 (Fuji-san) on the sea, from the Suruga Bay ferry to the beautiful Mt Fuji.


Suruga Bay Ferry is connecting "Shimizu Port" in Shizuoka City and "Toi Port" in Izu. It was certified as "Shizuoka prefecture road 223 (Fuji-san) number Shimizu port Toi Line" as a prefectural road, and is really rare because of the road in the sea. It takes about 2 hours by car, but it's only 65 minutes by Suruga Bay Ferry. You can enjoy a comfortable ship trip without traffic jam. The signboard sign of the prefectural road No. 223 installed in the deck is also popular as a commemorative photography spot. "Fujimiyaki"(
Round-shaped Cake containing red bean paste) can be tasted only on the ferry. (Japanese) (English pamphlet)