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Chojiya【Thatched roof restoration work】


We need YOUR help to repair the top roof of a thratched house, that played a crucial role in Japanese art history. The thratched house in need of repair is a traditional style house which has been there for travelers for 421 years. Through its history, it has been a model of one of the finest art pieces of Japan. The painting was a part of Hiroshige Ando's series, Tokaido-Goju-san-tshugi. This series is considered to be one of the best series of Japanese art, and has significantly influenced artists such as Claude Monet. Our hope is to save this traditional landscape that acted as a milestone in art history, for future generations. The repair of the top roof was last done 40 years ago, and needs to be treated again by specialists in order to preserve it for future visitors. We need your help to raise money for this maintenance.
The fund will operate in the form of cloud funding, and menus vary from 3000 yen to 1 million yen! Each menu has a special return such as... a Tororo Dining at Choji-ya, delicious food box made at Mariko area, an opputunity to experience the repair of thratched houses with the specialists, and more. For further information visit: