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Ishikawa sleeping land

A sleeping professional can solve your sleep problems.


A store which has long-established since 1917, Ishikawa sleeping land has supported many people's sleep. From the sleeping master words "One-third of life is sleep and good sleep can change the life" the consultation room of sleeping are open. You can try all the pillows, mats and comforters in the shop, so please feel free to touch, feel the difference and goodness with your whole body. 10 year maintenance with free service makes the royal user exceed 4000 people! It is nice to take orders and bring back to your home.




ADRESS Shizuoka-shi Shimizu-ku Managomachi 5-20
PHONE 054-366-1620
OPEN  10am~19pm
CLOSE  Wednsday
ACCESS Walk 2 min from Shimizu JR Station (Japanese)