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For the people who like making something by myself, let's start!!

YUTORI ART & CRAFT is a shop for an atelier in every generation who like to make things such as handicrafts and crafts, dyed, weaving or pongee.
In the classroom, what (material), how (design), how (technique) make? You can start to learn the basics here. For the people come for the first time, a workshop which you can feel an experiences is recommended. There are various courses depending on time and budget, such as bags, pouches, cloth weaving, which takes from 30 minutes to finished or knitting couch, coaster, which takes hours to 1 day.


Hattori building B1 floor,3-2 Konyacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
TEL 090-3587-1596
OPEN  10am~18pm
CLOSE Sunday、Monday
ACCESS Walking 5 min from Shizuoka JR station (Konyacho underground shopping street in Parco side) (Japanese)