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Traditional Japanese Craft in Shizuoka

The history of craft in Shizuoka and the inherited tradition

photo : City of Shizuoka

The third shogun of Tokugawa, Iemitsu collected skilled artisans from all over in Japan in the Edo era to construct the Sengen shrine. After completing the shrine, many of the artisans had stayed in the Sumpu area (castle town in Suruga area) and streamed down and spread their skills. This contributed to the development of the craft in Suruga (an ancient name of this area, indicates the center of Shizuoka prefecture). Shoes, lacquer ware, textile dying, furniture are still now succeeding their technique and tradition to the next generation. The young group "Suruga creative" is creating new craft skill day by day from the marriage of traditional technique and contemporary essence.

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Suruga Take-sensuji zaiku ( Suruga bamboo ware craft)

photo : City of Shizuoka, suruga bamboo craft Cooperative

Suruga bamboo ware craft is enrolled as one of the national traditional craftwork. It has started among Samurai's in-house side job making bamboo hat and cages for insects and so on to utilize the good quality bamboo available around this area. It was introduced as one of the best Japanese export items at International World Expo held at Vienna in 1873 and has been developing since then. The contemporary style lighting and interior items are also produced to meet the exigencies of the times. Sensuji-zaiku made with thin strips of bamboo contains tenderness and warms inside of its beauty and sensibility.

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Ikawa Mempa (Ikawa Bento box)

photo : City of Shizuoka

Mempa means bento box. It has been used as bento box for workers at mountain side. Its lacquer unbar color and water proof structure is feature of lacquer finished Ikawa Mempa. The Japanese lacquer used, also has disinfectant effect protecting your lunch. Mempa is handmade with over ten manufacturing processes including the process to develop layers of coloring. This makes the product last for a long period of time and you can enjoy its change of color with the passing of the years. The more you use it, the more it'll be a part of your life.