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[11/18] The Ninth Miho Sunday Market
[11/18] 第9回 三保サンデーマーケット


"MihonoMatsubara" is a part of configuration assests of "Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration", One of the world cultural heritage sites.

Nowadays so many people come to visit Miho no Matsubara from all over the world.

And This even, "Miho Sunday Market" has been held to revitalize Miho Area welcoming those visitors to Miho no Matsubara through mutual communications by food and culture.

24 of various types of restaurants, crafts & arts' galleries/shops, and shops offering hands-on learning crafts & arts are gathering up. There, you can't experience food and culture too much!

For further details, get access to the Facebook event page linked from above!

【Date & Time】

09:30 ~ 14:00 On 18th November 2018


In The Area Of Miho Shrine, Miho 1073, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city


・Free Entrance

・Payment On Each Order At Each Shop


・Shizuoka-city parking lots in Miho-Matsubara are available.

・Smoking Refrains All Over The Holing Place.

・Please :

1. Take Your Garbage From Other Places With You.

2. Keep Off The Arena In The Center Of The Shrine.

3. Please Do Not Fold Any Flower's Branch Inside The Area Of The Shrine.

4. Please Note That There Is No Eat-in Space In The Holding Place.