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Wine dining Gourmand
ワイン食堂 ぐるまん

The place where can eat delicious food and rich wine.


There must be many gourmands ( i.e. ones who eat and drink a lot ) who want to "Eat, Drink, And Have Fun To Their Heart's Content". Here is a restaurant, "Gourmand Fine Wine & Original Curry" located 30 seconds away from Shizutetsu Shin-Shizuoka Station/Shin-Shizuoka Cenova. A restaurant is a place for those gourmands to indulge in tasty cuisine and fine food experiences.



【Decent Amount Of High-Quality Food For Reasonable Prices】

With a thought "To Make Workers Happy And Healthy", "Gourmand Fine Wine & Original Curry" selects fine food locally produced in Shizuoka and offers you decent amount of high-quality cuisine.

Lunch Selection is "Green Curry" and two more: "Curry with plenty of salad", and "The Original Gourmand Curry" which the chef gets done from the scratch to make a spicy taste. And they all are of three optional sizes: Large, Medium, Small. For a greedy and hungry gourmand, "Half & Half" mixed of "Green Curry" and "The Original Gourmand Curry" is highly recommended.

Also, all of Dinner Selection is of a large amount so a group of a few people can feel filled to their full content by only 3 or 4 plates.

Lunch and dinner can be had enough for a reasonable price.

"Gourmand Fine Wine & Original Curry" is not only about Quantity but also about Quality. They pursue the finest quality of food, and their steak of the Shizuoka local Wa-Gyu ( Japanese Beef ), "Shizuoka Sodachi ( meaning "Grown Up In Shizuoka")", just goes very well with their fine wine. Thereby, they bring you a good combination of food!


【Freely Choosing Your Favourite Wine Over More Than 200 Wines】

Under the policy, "More Familiar With Wine" "Gourmand Fine Wine & Original Curry" has prepared more than 200 wines. To our surprise, customers can come in their walk-in wine cellar and pick their favorite wine with a staff of Gourmand.

Not only that, but also that you can have a glass of wine worth of over 5,000 yen.

Customers can have chitchats with their sommelier about wines' trivia, then have wines in a friendly manner. Wine persons cannot wait to visit huh!

【Hospitality Of Gourmand】

The gourmand clerks of the restaurant welcome you from the moment of your entrance. Their hospitality goes even for friendly talking and making customers happy. And the restaurant is accommodated with a bar counter so even only one customer can enjoy their delicious cuisine and fine wine.

"Gourmand Fine Wine & Original Curry" is full of attractiveness and a very reasonable restaurant, where you can "Eat, Drink, And Have Fun To Your Heart's Content". Have a visit there!

ADDRESS : Matsuzaki Bld 1F, Tenma-cho 8-3, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city

TEL : +81 054-270-9181

OPEN : 1:30~15:00/17:30~23:30( Order Stop At 23:00 )

CLOSE : Sundays

PAYMENTS : Cash, Credit Cards ( VISA, Master, American Express )