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Shizuoka Castle Hotel Sanoharu

The best location for traveling in Shizuoka downtown, and is easy to access the local restaurants of Shizuoka.


It's only 5 minutes from Shizuoka Station by car. It is ideal for sightseeing in the city as well as for a business trips since it is located in a convenient location that can be easily reached the downtown area of ​​Shizuoka. You can walk to Sunpu castle park in 5 minutes. Gourmet spots such as "Aoba Yokocho" where the Shizuoka Oden shop are located are within walking distance. Also there is a restaurant that you could enjoy the local cuisine of Shizuoka in the hotel's first tenant. You can also rent a bike and cycling around the Shizuoka city.


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■ Information of the rental bicycles at Shizuoka city ■

How about a sight seeing plan by bike?

【Rent Location】: Hotel Castle Sanoharu at Ryogai-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka city

【Time】: 7:00 a.m.~10:00 p.m.
【Fee】: 500 yen a day
【Availability】: 3 bikes are available at Hotel Castle Hotel

<How to use>
Register at the front desk of the hotel.
(English application is available)
Identification will be necessary. Please bring something (driver's license, insurance card, passport etc.) to show.
Insurance is included in the service.
You are required to return the bike back to the place where you start the service.

1-4-8 Ryogae-cho, Aoi-ku,Shizuoka-shi
TEL 054-255-4421 (Japanese)

Wifi is in the hall
Free breakfast service
Parking lot (ordinary car) free for hotel's guest