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Wasabi Food Products

Food products with the spicy zing of wasabi

Wasabi is commonly found in Japanese restaurants and sushi shops. It has recently started attracting attention in foreign countries for its health and beauty benefits. Shizuoka City is known as a producer of high-quality wasabi thanks to its clean water and fresh air.
Seasonings and food made with wasabi make a perfect souvenir of your trip to Shizuoka. Wasabi paste is one example, and goes well with a variety of cuisine such as steak and tempura.
Wasabi salt is made by mixing powdered wasabi with salt. The salinity is low you can enjoy wasabi flavor with all types of cuisine. Plus it's healthy to boot!
Wasabi Spicy Dip is a popular choice with foreign visitors. This is basically wasabi paste mixed with some spices and olive oil, and tastes great with pizza, hamburgers and salads.
There are also food products infused with wasabi, such as camembert cheese and dressing. Try all the different varieties!


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